From Mother Earth to Lover Earth


Some of us have been gathering all over the world to be present with some of the urgent questions of our time – Eros, community, consciousness, wisdom. Using Collective Presencing and other forms of dialogue, we gain new perspectives on what really means to be a collective body aware of all its parts, and we keep moving towards more intimacy. With those experiments, we are experiencing new forms of abundance, and even new forms of conflict, which give rise to new forms of collective intelligence. We are all learning.

Now, to go even beyond… We will meet in Brazil (or Brasil – as spelled in Portuguese). “New seeds for Tara” is a gathering that invites us to celebrate and embody the spirit of the lover, and asks us:

If the Earth is our lover… 

How do we celebrate its beauty, abundance and fertility? 
What new seeds do we need to plant now?

This will be a series of 5 Collective Presencing sessions + 2 sessions with the Shanenawa people, and it is open to all presencing practitioners who feel called to experience and embody the inquiry of “earth as lover”.

  • What does it mean to be earth’s lover?
  • How do we hold our love towards the earth?
  • What is it like to feel our land as bodies, our bodies as land?
  • How do we prioritize our sensibilities, so we can feel – be sensitive to – the earth as a lover?
  • What about “the courtship of Tara“? Who is Tara and what are the gifts we want to give her…?

We’ll also study some materials from the indigenous Brazilian leader and author Ailton Krenak from the Krenak ethnicity, and other materials – to open our minds, hearts and will. Before each session, you will receive an email to prepare: you will be invited to read and/or watch something that will nurture our collective reflections and dialogue. Please take some time to open up and receive these materials before each session.

In addition to the collective presencing sessions, we will also be experimenting with something different: we will be guided by 2 indigenous women from Acre (Shanenawa people) on 2 Sunday sessions, where they will share some of their traditions and medicines – Rapé and Ayahuasca. There will be a live translation from Portuguese to English and vice versa – so you will be able to ask questions, if you want. And the invitation is for us to feel what is beyond language and words. By doing this, we are supporting them to keep honouring their traditions (and 2 of them will also join us in person in the gathering, if we are able to raise the money).

To participate in these sessions, we invite you to make an offering – donate an amount of money – that will be in service of the gathering, and more intersubjective gatherings to come. It can be something like 100 dollars (~500 Brazilian reais) – less or more. This money will also be directed to local initiatives in Brazil – educational initiatives that are connected with the regeneration and preservation of our forests. Our gathering will be a moment of convergence and expansion towards this. 

Collective Presencing sessions

5 sessions, Tuesdays, 4-6pm BRT.

Hosted by Amanda Zamparo, Anna Van der Plank and Nick Shore.

Nov. 22th, 29th, Dec 6th, 13th, 20th.

Register HERE.

Shanenawa cerimonial sessions

2 sessions, Sundays at 5pm BRT.

Hosted by Iya Oriola, leader of the eARTh school, Awapay and Kene Meni Shanenawa.

Dec 11th and 18th.

Register HERE.

Link for donations HERE.

With love,

from the land that was called “Brazil”

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