Flow Game for your business, school or community

Bring your team, clients, students or any group together to an experience of inspiration, insight, connection and resonant learning.

  • "How may we value and be valued for what we have to offer to our organization?" (from the human resources team inside a video game company)
  • "What is the best path for our brand moving forward?"  (from business partners considering if and why they wanted to keep working together)
  • "What do we need to successfully enter this new career path and feel confident about our capacity?" (from a group of freshly graduated software engineers preparing to their first job interviews in the area)
  • "How can we sharpen and refine our message, and find the right investments to help our organization thrive?" (from a small accounting business wanting to expand their social impact)

Flow Game for your family or partnership

this is an opportunity to gain new perspectives, clarity and flow around a question that is common for the couple or family, for example:

  • "How may we prepare to receive for our first child?" (from a couple that was 3 months pregnant)
  • "How may we heal from the past and move on with respect for life?" (from a mother and 3 daughters who had lost their husband/father recently, in a robbery)
  • "How may we create a healthier relationship with money among ourselves?" (from a couple wanting to find balance in their joint financial responsibilities) 
  • "How may we tune into the Eros of our shared mission, and love and act from that place?" (from a couple wanting to work together in creative projects)

Flow Game for yourself

To gain clarity, courage and peace in decisive moments, life transitions, big changes and new beginnings.

  • "In which area of expertise do I want to focus, considering all my passions?"  (from someone starting a career as self employed consultant) 
  • "Where do I want to go to keep expanding my capacity to contribute to the whole?" (from someone deciding between going to France for a job opportunity or staying in Brazil)
  • "How may I become more emotionally independent?" (from someone that was struggling after the end of an intimate relationship) 
  • "What do I need to embrace this new chapter with prosperity and joy?" (from someone who ended a problematic business partnership to follow a solo path)

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