Here are a few public interviews I did with people who inspire me - enjoy!

What is "source-keeping"? w/ Cheryl Hsu

Cheryl Hsu has become a great friend and collaborator in developing collective intelligence and creativity experiments from the practice of "Collective Presencing". Here I interviewed her about her experience leading a group of people in a social and artistic experiment in July 2022.


What is "source-keeping"? w/ Ria Baeck

In this video you can find a part of my interview with Ria, author of the book "Collective Presencing". Ria is a therapist, mother and grandmother, and one of the stewards of the Art of Hosting practices. She is also a gardener, and looks after the community of practitioners and hosts of Collective Presencing, a pshycotechnology that has been gaining momentum around the world since 2020.


What is "source-keeping"? w/ Nick Shore

Nick is a mentor and friend who co-hosted many projects in which I was involved since 2021. He helped me to create and host "New seeds for Tara", an art piece who was also a gathering and temporary learning village in Brazil. In this interview he shares more of his experience working as a leader and supporting other leaders in their journeys following their soul's callings.


The Art of Crafting Powerful Questions w/ Toke Moeller  

Learn more about the Flow Game (a wisdom practice), its origins and purpose from one of its creators, Toke.



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